Sunday, May 20, 2012

Earth Destruction Directive - Episode 12: Legendary Monsters

In this special "DX" episode of Earth Destruction Directive, we're wading back into the world of 4 Color Daikaiju, this time with IDW's Godzilla Legends miniseries!  All of your favorite monsters (and Kumonga!) get their shot at stardom as we get five issues spotlighting some of Goji's most popular friends and foes!  You won't believe your ears as the carnage unfurls on the printed page!  It's comic book insanity as only Earth Destruction Directive can provide!

Earth Destruction Directive - Episode 12: - Legendary Monsters

Here's the video we talk about in the Listener Feedback!

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  1. I'm really looking forward to your King Kong Escapes episode; I love that film so very much, despite its awful Kong mask. The Kong suit itself is actually pretty good - a vast improvement over the one used in KK Vs Godzilla -- with excellent gorilla-like musculature and proportions and the suit actor is able to move fantastically. Dr. Who is such a grand and dastardly villain and his MechaniKong is a thing of pure brilliance; the suit design and execution were superb. I also love the score and sound effects, particularly the staccato Morse code sounding MecaniKong in action music.