Monday, May 16, 2011

Who Will Gamera Defend Earth From in EDD Episode 5?

Alright folks, leave a comment and vote: Which Gamera will we watch in EDD Episode 5? Your choices are below!

-Giant Monster Gamera / Gammera The Invincible -- The original!

-Gamera vs Barugon / War of the Monsters -- Gamera's first film in color and his first "vs" movie.

-Gamera vs Gayos / Return of the Giant Monsters -- Gamera battles Gayos, his most enduring and popular foe.

-Gamera vs Viras / Destroy All Planets -- Alien squids invade Earth and it's up to Gamera to stop them and their mind control device!

-Gamera vs Guiron / Attack of the Monsters -- The knife headed monster Guiron and his evil space women want to eat the brains of some Earth kids!

-Gamera vs Jiger / Gamera vs Monster X -- An ancient monster puts Expo '70 in danger and a couple of kids take a fantastic voyage inside of Gamera!

Gamera vs Zigra -- Gamera battles a shark from space with a nice baritone voice while one kid really wants a Coke!

Alright, listeners! Which will it be? Comment and vote NOW!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Earth Destruction Directive -- Episode 4: There's a Good Lizard

GXM -- There's a good lizard!
In this episode of Earth Destruction Directive, our favorite irradiated lizard battles a giant flying bug who is NOT Mothra! Not, it's Megaguirus and all of her assorted offspring instead. And what's this I hear about a tactical BLACK HOLE?! If it's the G-Eradication Strategy, it must be Godzilla X Megaguirus as only the EDD can bring it to you!

Earth Destruction Directive -- Episode 4: There's a Good Lizard