Monday, May 16, 2011

Who Will Gamera Defend Earth From in EDD Episode 5?

Alright folks, leave a comment and vote: Which Gamera will we watch in EDD Episode 5? Your choices are below!

-Giant Monster Gamera / Gammera The Invincible -- The original!

-Gamera vs Barugon / War of the Monsters -- Gamera's first film in color and his first "vs" movie.

-Gamera vs Gayos / Return of the Giant Monsters -- Gamera battles Gayos, his most enduring and popular foe.

-Gamera vs Viras / Destroy All Planets -- Alien squids invade Earth and it's up to Gamera to stop them and their mind control device!

-Gamera vs Guiron / Attack of the Monsters -- The knife headed monster Guiron and his evil space women want to eat the brains of some Earth kids!

-Gamera vs Jiger / Gamera vs Monster X -- An ancient monster puts Expo '70 in danger and a couple of kids take a fantastic voyage inside of Gamera!

Gamera vs Zigra -- Gamera battles a shark from space with a nice baritone voice while one kid really wants a Coke!

Alright, listeners! Which will it be? Comment and vote NOW!


  1. Attack of the Monsters or vs Zigra as these two are my absolute favorites, with Attack as my number one. Btw love the show.
    loyal listener

  2. if you're going to cover the 'friend to all children', start with the first film, Giant Monster Gamera / Gammera The Invincible.

  3. Just found the show, and its friggin awesome,... Cheers for posting the Gamera movie as well!